RV Supplies - Do you know what you need?

Having supplies is important, especially when out in your RV. You will find that if you are properly stocked, you can live quite sufficiently in your RV, with little need to stop along your way. One of the first things you will need to know is what supplies you will need or want.

Of course when travelling, knowing your destination is important. Find out about the predicted weather conditions as well as some good yearly averages and seasonal changes. For example, Seattle is rainy most of the year, so it's a good idea to pack an extra umbrella. Florida is muggy in the summertime, so bring the shorts and sun block. Food and other staples need to be brought if you plan to eat in or are travelling a great distance to your destination.

RV specific supplies will vary on the type and model of your RV. Factors also include your budget and how fancy your taste is. Everything from specialized seats to water purifiers can be purchased to enhance not only the RV itself, but your style of living in it. Living the RV lifestyle is not what it was years ago. Now, there are top of the line products are available for the most discriminating tastes.

Power is one of the first things you will need to analyze as far as required supplies. If you are hooking up to electric at your destined park, you may not need more than the essential cord. However, if you are going to be operating on generative power, you will need fuel and possibly a supply of oil for your generator, depending upon what type of generator it is.

Will bathroom facilities be available where you are going? Your supplies for the bathroom, of course, will depend on the setup. Will you need extra totes for waste removal? Will you have water hookup? If camping in the wild, where no easy water hook is available, you might want to set up a toilet area outside of the RV. Kits with are available for outdoor setups that include everything but the toilet paper. Keep a supply of water and chemicals (if necessary) just for bathroom use. Don't forget the toilet paper!

Spare parts are also essential. Keep a tool kit available on board with all the necessities - hammer, wrenches, screwdrivers and the like. Having a few spare parts such as nuts, bolts, and even rear view mirrors that can be easily stored may mean the difference between a good fix and a trip to the hardware store. You will also want to invest in a first aide kit. Accidents may happen, but you will be prepared for when they do. Make part of your supply shopping looking for spare parts and first aide accessories.

When you are travelling it is wise to have a cash box on board to make sure that you have emergency funds. This type of box should be lockable and stored in a safe place on the RV. It is hard to believe in this day and age that you would be to far from an ATM, but if you are going to someplace remote, it is possible for a cash machine to be many miles from your location.

Keep an ongoing list of things you use so that you can purchase them when it is convenient. Don't let yourself run out of essentials. Keep a reminder list of things that you needed from your previous trips so that you will be better prepared for the next one. Planning ahead makes a relaxing journey.

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