A Myriad of RV Parts

RV parts needs are different both from travelling in a regular vehicle or living at home. You have the combined convenience of having your home on wheels. Therefore, you have a strange assortment of parts that you need to keep handy. Tools and spare supplies will be at the top of the list when it comes time for a road trip.

Having a tool kit is even more essential in your RV than it is in a regular home or automobile. Wrenches, nuts, bolts, and other small items will come in handy more often then not. Knowing how to do basic repairs and fixes on your RV will save you time and money. Having the right tools for these jobs on board is critical. You will also have special tools, such as torque kits for windows and awnings. Find a place on the RV to store such items as window fittings, mirrors, collapsible steps and filters.

Spare parts for regular maintenance and emergencies will come in handy. Having a supply of oil and gasoline both for the RV itself and any gas powered generators is a good idea and should be stored securely and safely to avoid fumes and contamination. Sanitation chemicals and extra waste totes need to be stored safely as well. If you clean or pressure wash you RV yourself, the cleaning solutions and air compressor are two more items that will require special handling for your safety.

Jacks and levels will aide in the parking and setup of your RV when at your desired location. Have the right jacks for your RV and your separate vehicle if you tow one with you. Spare parts for both vehicles should be brought along in case of a flat tire or breakdown. Keep automotive filters, spark plugs and the like stored with your other automotive tools. Knowledge of basic repair can save you hundreds of dollars on towing fees if you should break down or have a flat.

Carry extra light bulbs for your lighting fixtures and if necessary, extra fixtures. If there is room for spare parts in your kitchen such as burners for the stove and oven, knobs, and basic plumbing parts, store them on board. These items are relatively inexpensive and having them with you will be a blessing if you need a replacement in a pinch. Extra filters, vents and the like for your heat and air system are a must also.

Steps and ladders will be important parts for your RV. Ladders on the exterior of the RV are mounted and require no inside storage space. Unmounted ladders can be purchased and stored on board if you desire more than one. Have a set of steps for the door of you RV and possibly a nice mat, for wiping feet. Exterior storage racks can also be acquired and will save interior room.

Once you have your parts and accessories of this nature on board your RV, you will have less worry about the "what ifs" of travel. When you are properly outfitted for the road, the chances are that you will have fewer breakdowns or problems. Education and proper handling of your equipment are key to the success and safety of your journey and will allow you to relax and focus on having a good time while away.

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