What to Look for in RV Parks

When looking for a RV park, you must first ask yourself what you want. There are many amenities and restrictions that you will have to decide upon before setting out on the road. Good research before hand will make your trip worry free and more enjoyable.

Picking your destination is the first decision to be made. With the increase in recreational vehicle travel, there are RV parks in nearly every part of the country. Map out your route to your destination to assure that you will have the ability to gas up or park overnight if need be.

You will also have to know how long you are going to stay and how much you are willing to pay for staying at the park. Rates are different at every park and are largely based on location, time of year, and amenities. What you will need in a park as opposed to what you desire in a park will play a determining factor in your budget.

Once you have decided on your location and time frame, you must make sure that the area you are going to has a park that is open during the season you are travelling. Don't assume that all rv parks are open year round. If you find a park that you want to stay at, call in advance to see if they are available during the time you wish to travel.

Amenities are varied at RV parks and you should research them before your arrival. If you require full hookups or a certain wattage electric, you will need to know in advance whether the park you have chosen provides such. If you are a pet owner, you will need to be aware of the park's policy on pets and make sure that you abide by them if you bring your pets along with you. You will also need to be aware of the park's occupancy. Book a reservation in advance if the season for that location is very busy.

Dumping stations, how the interior roads are paved, and how you will be able to park are also considerations. Some parks even have pools, restroom and shower facilities, and camp stores. You may also want to check if cable TV, high speed Internet, and laundry facilities are available. Security is also an increasing concern and many parks now have onsite security patrols. Some RV parks will have age restrictions for guests as well.

If you are staying for an extended period, say more than two or three weeks always ask park management about discounts for longer rentals. This should also be done in advance to make sure that the park is not going to book up in the middle of your stay. Making as many arrangements ahead of time as possible will also give you more time to enjoy being away.

Once you have decided on the amenities you desire and chosen your park, you are ready to map out your route and take to the road. Remember to know your vehicle well and keep up with all of the maintenance. Pack appropriately for the climate to the area you are going. With the right planning ahead of your trip, you should enjoy a leisure and trouble free stay.

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