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RV furniture is as varied as the RVs available. Chairs, tables, beds and accessories are available in different styles, colors and sizes to accommodate your every need and desire. Having the right furniture can not only make your trip more enjoyable, but more elegant as well.

When choosing furniture, both interior and exterior, for your RV, you need to know what function each piece will serve, and how much you are willing to spend. Outfitting your RV with furniture need not be costly. A few simple choices and you will be on your way to comfort and functionality.

Your outdoor furniture should be durable, easy to use, and even easy to clean. Compact camping chairs are a great addition to your RV as they are slender and small when collapsed and will fit more easily into the limited storage space of a RV. They are also easy to set up and break down. Cleaning them is a snap since their woven mesh fabric will wipe clean with little effort.

More luxurious chairs exist in the form of padded rockers and recliners specifically designed for outdoor use. While not as compact as the camping chairs, these types of outdoor furniture will fold rather flat for storage. These chairs are usually equipped with a woven fabric and some are listed as "breathable" materials allowing airflow.

An outdoor table is another item that you may want to invest in. Folding card tables and picnic-type tables designed for RV travel are lightweight, yet durable and stable. These tables are great for eating and serving meals outside. Quick to store and easy to set up, you have to have a table for your outdoor events.

Inside the RV you will have special furniture needs. You will need to know the layout of your RV, your measurements, and what type of interior environment you desire. For example, would you prefer to leave chairs freestanding or bolt them to the floor? Some makes and models will offer both of these options. As for the captain's chair, choose a chair that will accommodate him or her comfortably. Even the captain's chairs are available in swivel models, so that you can take advantage of your square footage.

Sofas and pullouts are great space savers and can be purchased ready-made or custom built. Colors, designs, and fabrics are numerous. Sofa sleepers are increasingly popular, especially if you are taking the family on a trip. The options available are both elegant and functional.

The beds in the bedroom, if you desire one, are important, and should be chosen not just on size and space but on comfort. Mattresses should be selected with the same care as a mattress at home. Remember your RV is your home away from home and should be every bit as comfortable and relaxing.

Your interior tables should be sturdy. Having a table built into the wall or mounted to the floor will add to its stability and functionality. Folding tables on the interior are great options too if you don't wish to leave a table setup at all times.

Furnishing your RV should be a fun experience! Investigate different options and styles within your RV space. You will find that the right furniture and accessories will make your travelling more comfortable and more relaxing.

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