Study Up on the RV Blue Book

If you are thinking of buying or selling a RV, you will need to do some research on the actual value of your current RV, or the RV you are looking to buy. Don't be mislead by dealers or show salespeople. Do your homework and find out what the RV of your choice is worth by looking up the rv blue book value. This will help in financing and overall satisfaction with your purchase.

The first thing you will need to know in pricing any RV, whether it is one you currently own or one you wish to buy, is the overall condition of the RV. Check the RV for leaks, damage (both functional and cosmetic), discoloration, and other minor blemishes. The engine is a major part of the value of your RV. Always check on the mileage and the maintenance that has occurred. Check the tires and how many miles are on them.

Are there any accessories or add-ons that will add to the value of the RV? Are these accessories in good shape and functioning properly? What type of RV are you looking at? Is it a motor coach or a pop up camper? What type of continuing maintenance will be needed to keep it in good running order? Are all the amenities functioning properly, for example, the toilets and sinks? If you are looking to sell an existing RV, these are all things that will add to the value if they are in good working order. This goes for all types of RVs.

Once you have an idea of what type of RV you want, shop around and price the unit at different dealerships. This will give you an idea of the financing you will need, if any, and also what the going sales price is next to the blue book listing. Always shop before you buy when purchasing a RV, as these items are still considered luxuries and can get quite pricey.

Take advantage of free appraisals on your existing RV. Appraisals should be accurate and done by a professional in the business. Remember that this is a type of "home" and a large investment. You want to get the best price for your investment and if you are looking to trade up, make sure you know what your existing RV is worth before you head to the dealership.

Price guides and Kelly Blue Books are also available to assist you in determining the worth of your RV. Do not, however, rely on these sources alone. Current sales rates and your location will have an impact on the value of your RV. Consult the RV Blue book for the most accurate listings.

Are there any improvements that you can do to your current RV to increase its value? Basic repairs must be done in order to obtain the best price, but are there any other little things that can be done inexpensively to increase the value? Replacing scuffed mirrors or ladders, fixing blinds or shades, replacing cracked window shields and these types of items will give the RV a better look and more functionality. Try to do all of these things before an appraisal or a trip to the dealer.

How you want to sell you RV is another big factor in knowing the value. If you are looking to trade in your RV, going to several dealers is a must to find the best deal. However, if you are looking to sell to a private citizen, you will be responsible for setting the price and making sure that you will get paid what the RV is worth. Both avenues will require a little work on your part, but ultimately should result in a satisfactory result.

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